How to get more discounts on your auto insurance.

So you want to save more on car insurance…..                                   

Here are a 4 tips to consider when trying to save more on auto insurance.

Tip  1Drive safe, if you make sure to avoid getting tickets for speeding or other infractions your odds of getting points on your license are almost nonexistent.  If you are a safe driver and you never had an accident you may qualify for better insurance rates.

Tip  2Never let your coverage lapse. It very important that, you keep constant insurance coverage. A lapse in coverage could mean loss of really good discounts and higher rates.

Tip  3Take advantage of all available discounts. Did you know some companies offer a paperless discount? Who needs more paper bills anyways!  Save a tree and save more money on your auto and home insurance. What if you have young drivers at home, did you know they may qualify for a good student discount? Or what if they attended a defensive drivers course? You may qualify for another discount! You probably have a checking account and you might even be paying to keep it, so why not set up automatic payments and save on your auto insurance and homeowners insurance.

Tip 4Get an agent!  That’s right an independent agent can shop for you, and make sure you receive all the discounts available. Why do so much work when someone can do it, free of extra cost! That’s right you don’t pay anything extra for the services of an independent agent but you do receive all the benefits. An agent can help you find the right coverage and the best value. If you are in the Wyoming or Grand Rapids area we can help you get started on you savings.

Other available discounts:

Homeowners Discount , Medical Insurance Discount,  Accident Free Discount, Multi car Discount

Please consult with your agent and always read your policy.

December 17th, 2013 by Safeway Insurance Agency LLC